Annotated Bibliography Outline Template

Annotated Bibliography Outline Template

Annotated Bibliography and Outline

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Author, A.A. (1977). Title of the article in sentence case:  Plain text. Journal Title in Italics and volume also, 7, 42-50. doi: 4815162342

Your annotation should be between 250-350 words.  You should not cite or quote within the annotation.  You annotation should have a hanging indent just as your reference.  You will not provide merely a summary within the annotation.  You should provide a certain amount of critical analysis.  Remember, you are learning to become an independent scholar.  As much, you need to research, think, and write critically.  Often in academic writing there is no “right” or “wrong” answer just as there is often no “cut and dry” analysis.  Do your best and do not overthink the assignment.  Remember, you are creating this annotated bibliography and outline to assist with the writing of your paper in Module 4.  The better your notes and analysis here.  The easier it will be for you to construct your paper in Module 4.  You must include 2 additional articles outside of the class readings and from your own research in the GCU library to support your themes and synthesis.  These additional 2 articles do not have to be included within the annotations but  you are welcome to include them.

Author, A., Author, A., & Author, A. (1981). Title of the article in sentence case. Journal and volume in italics, 77, 293-309.

Although the assignment directions ask you to include the permalink, it is not proper to add library/database retrieval information within your references.  For more information regarding this, you can visit page 192 of the APA manual. Remember to keep your annotation to about 250-350 words. Note the purpose of the article, the participants/subject of the study, the conclusions drawn by the author(s), and the validity of the conclusions. Evaluate the article: is it a credible source? Describe the credibility of the author – are there any biases? How well did the author support his or her assertions? Did they provide an adequate literature review? Were there any limitations?

Author, A., Author, A., Author, A., Author, A.,  & Author, A. (1983). Title of the article in sentence case. Journal and volume in italics, 4, 77-90. doi: 934.1701.007

Annotated bibliographies are helpful tools for organizing and preparing for a research paper or project. Instead of reading articles and forgetting what you’ve read, you can have a convenient document full of helpful information about the articles you’ve read. In addition to helping you remember what you have read, an annotated bibliography can help you see the bigger picture of the literature you are reading. It can help you visualize the overall status of the topic, as well as where your unique question might fit in. Remember, this is a two-part assignment.  You must, also, construct an outline for you Module 4 Leadership Synthesis paper.  You must identify three common themes that exist within ALL three articles.  You are not telling me the theme of each article.  You MAY NOT use leadership as one of your common themes.  Dig deeper than that!

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