BSN4014 Our Global Community D1U1

BSN4014 Our Global Community D1U1

Is this an issue in your state or in your community?•How might nursing influence the outcome of this issue?It’s hard to just pin point one global health issue because we are faced with so many. One important global health issue that has affected our country for years is mental health.The burden of mental health affects us all. One of the most common causes of disability is mental illness. Depression, anxiety disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are some of the most common disorders seen in our society today. Mental illness does not discriminate. It affects all ages, races, the wealthy and the indigent. It has become a global problem for years and has been ignored for years. It is essential that we address mental health as a nation so we can decrease the impact on ou…………….

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BSN4014 Our Global Community D1U1

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