BSN4014 Unit 3 Discussion 1

BSN4014 Unit 3 Discussion 1

Riverbend City: Cultural Competence


Watch the Riverbend City: Cultural Competence Mission for this unit. Consider the following:

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  • How did the differences in beliefs and values influence the situation?
  • What actions might the staff at RCMC have taken to avoid the confusion?
  • What is the likely outcome of the situation?
  • Discuss the importance of being culturally competent and support your position with references to your unit readings and one resource not required for this course.

Your initial post should be about 150 words, referenced with at least one APA-formatted reference. It can be a text, any assigned readings, or a reference you find on your own through the Capella Library.

Response Guidelines

Review and respond to post of at least one fellow learner. Respond by considering the following:

  • Do you all agree as to the likely outcome of the situation?
  • Are the actions your peers suggest different from the actions you suggested?
  • How would these actions influence the likely outcome?

Your response post should be about 75 words, but may be longer. If you are responding with a personal perspective or an example from your workplace experience, you are not required to cite a source. However, if you offer an alternative viewpoint or refer to the ideas or work of others in your response to a classmate, your response must be supported with an outside source, which you must cite using APA style.

BSN4014 Unit 3 Discussion 1

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