CE114-Early Childhood and Development

CE114-Early Childhood and Development

Birth to Age 1 Age 1 to Age 2 Milestone Strategy to enhance it Milestone Strategy to enhance it Example 1. Lifts head Strategy: Place baby on tummy to encourage lifting head 1. Points to items Strategy: Place interesting objects in toddler’s environment Physical and Motor Milestone 1 Raises head slightly when placed on stomach Strategy 1 lay on tummy more for extra encouragement Milestone 1 scribbles on paper. Strategy 1 Give them paper and crayons, color with them Milestone 2 Chews and bites Strategy 2 Give tethers to help with pain Milestone 2 imitates house work Strategy 2 have them help clean up their toys and the house Milestone 3 Use finger and thumb to pick up objects that are small Strategy 3 pass small objects around to encourage it. Milestone 3 Holds foot out to put shoes on. Strategy 3 encourage them to keep putting their foot out to help put their shoe on to keep them involved. Social and Emotional Milestone 1 Can distinguish taste Strategy 1 Give them different foods to help determine what they do and do not like. Milestone 1 Feeds self with hands. Strategy 1 use an eating utensil with them to encourage the use of one. Milestone 2 Holds arms out when wants to be picked up Strategy 2 Try not to pick them up to much but try and encourage them to asked to be held by asking do you want up Milestone 2 recognizes familiar faces,………………………..

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