Health Care SLP

Health Care SLP

Required Reading

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Ali, R., Wheitner, D., Talbott, E., and Zborowski, J. (2007, October). Connecting environmental health data to people and policy: Integrating information and mobilizing communities for environmental public health tracking. Journal of Community Health, 32(5), 357-74. https://search-proquest-com.ezproxy.trident.edu/docview/224046946/fulltextPDF/8DBC0B06A9C345EAPQ/1?accountid=28844

Cannunscio, C. (2017). Social determinants of health [Video presentation]. Temple University of Department of Public Health and the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research. Accessed fromhttps://vimeopro.com/aptrmodules/phlm/video/76355201

Carr, S. J. (2016, January). Insights in public health: Building well-being: Linking the built environment to health. Hawaii Journal of Medicine & Public Health, 75(1). https://www-ncbi-nlm-nih-gov.ezproxy.trident.edu/pmc/articles/PMC4733823/


Rubin, L. & Merrick, J. (2014). Environmental health: Home, school, and community. [e-Book] New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Read: Chapter I: Break the cycle of environmental health disparities; and Chapter II: Use of undergraduate curriculum as a vehicle for breaking the cycle of environmental health disparities within disadvantaged communities.http://web.b.ebscohost.com.ezproxy.trident.edu:2048/ehost/ebookviewer/ebook/ZTAwMHhuYV9fNjY2MTU0X19BTg2?sid=f1828da4-2f12-4b50-8949-c733d097df13@sessionmgr102&vid=0&format=EB&rid=1

Homework Assignment


Before you begin this assignment, read through the Home page and the required readings.  Specifically, view the Social determinants of health [Video presentation] athttps://vimeopro.com/aptrmodules/phlm/video/76355201.

This video is part of Public Health Learning Modules project funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and developed by Temple University Department of Public Health and the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research as a free teaching resource for public health professionals.

For this component of the Session Long Project, you will explore and discuss how social determinants can influence population health. Your task is to submit a paper that responds to the following questions:

  1. What area in the world has the highest child mortality rates based on the video presentation?
  2. Describe the differences in longevity and infant mortality by race and education. Make sure to provide supportive information from the video presentation and your additional literature searches.
  3. The presentation described several Healthy People 2020 objectives that relate to social determinants of health. Identify one of this objective and discuss the specific baseline, target, target-setting method, and data source.

Length: 2–3 pages.

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