Health Policy and the Healthcare Essay

Health Policy and the Healthcare

Final reflection assignments OBJECTIVE: To encourage students to learn actively and to reflect on their insights and knowledge. INSTRUCTIONS: For the Final Reflection Assignment, submit a Discussion Board post by 11:59, Thursday, August 17th, that includes ALL of the following: ? 3 INSIGHTS: Articulate three insights you gained from the entire course’s content. Summarize/explain each in one or two sentences. ? 1 RESOURCE: Find and share one resource from outside of class that elucidates or exemplifies any one of the insights you identified. Note a book, article, news item, website, movie, novel, etc. with similar themes, ideas, or thoughts as one of the insights you chose. This can be a resource that you have used in the past or that you found while researching this quarter. The resource must be substantive and you must briefly explain how it illustrates or illuminates your insight. Attach the resource or provide a link along with a short description and any comments you like. ? 1 APPLICATION: Write down your thoughts (approximately 1 paragraph) about how the insight you gained might be helpful to better understand something you may be currently experiencing in your work life or career, or might help you better conceptualize your professional identity or career. For example, does the insight validate your prior understanding about a particular event or situation or help to clarify what a different approach may have looked like? If you don?t see any consonance between your insight and your personal/professional experience, imagine yourself in a situation in which this insight would be relevant and explain how it might be instructive. My notes from the Class ? Three Insight from discussion, readings, documentary, research from final proposal: how is it impactful? Why is it interesting to you? Resources (You can choose any of three resources listed under: I can provide copies of resources listed) 1. How effective Pt discharge teaching can decrease readmission rate 2. Documentary Fix it https://fixithealthcare.com/ 3. Week 7 discussion: Oregon Healthcare 4. Week 8 Policy Making Pitfalls: ?Trapped? https://kcts9.org/programs/independent-lens/episodes/1719 5. ?HPV vaccine episode? 6. TED Talk: What if our healthcare system kept us healthy? https://www.ted.com/talks/rebecca_onie_what_if_our_ healthcare_system_kept_us_healthy?language=en ? One Resource: Pick one of your insight = provide 1 Resource(This resource you have to find it) (book, video, article, novel, news article, documentary, visual art, song or lyrics): example of the insight, where you got insight from: share this resource, tell them why this resource is good, why I am sharing about this resource. Provide links, tell ppl how people can get hold of the resource, where they can find the resource. How this resource helped me to understand the insight better. How resource exemplifies the insight. ? One Application: how that resource is applicable to my professional career. How this will impact my professional career. How does the resource helped me to change or to have a better understanding of the insight? How this insight helps to understand my profession (registered nurse), apply to my situation. (write a paragraph)

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