Methods Assessing Memory: Neurological and Psychological Factors Affecting Memory.

7-10 page paper reviewing methods of assessment for one psychological construct. (I chose memory.) The paper should provide an overview of the primary methods available for assessing the construct (e.g., self-report, observation, other-report, etc) as well as a review of the th psychometric properties of each method (reliability, validity, factor structure, etc) Papers should also describe the developmental methods for assessing the construct, discuss which samples each method was designed for use in and describe actual studies that have used the methods. Finally papers should conclude, with a recommendation for the best method of assessing the particular construct based on scientific literature (not based on opinion.) Must access the psychological literature (e.g., PsychInfo) to find empirical and review articles written about the assessment methods. Majority of source material must come from should come from scientific papers published in peer reviewed journals. Papers must be APA style formatting, and be typed double spaced with a font no larger than 12 pts. with 1 inch margin formatting. Pages must be numbered. Grammar, spelling, etc. must adhere to APA format guidelines.

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