MHA NHS5004 NHS5004 – Collaboration, Communication, & Case

MHA NHS5004 NHS5004 – Collaboration, Communication, & Case

Time ManagementImproving my time management skills is something that I have identified as an issue that I need to be mindful of daily and continuously strive to improve. Using the time management tool helped me recognized where my biggest areas of improvement need to be and they are procrastination and learning to say NO. Green states, “procrastination has to be the biggest reason for failure to accomplish goals.” (Green, 2011) and that is a statement that I can relate to on so many levels. I tend to over-commit myself when it comes to work, family, friends and volunteer commitments and have difficulty saying no when asked to perform a task. Since I know that I have difficulty saying no that makes it easier to put off tasks until a later date which to me is the same thing as procrastination. Ted Pollock quoted “Recognize the futility of procrastination. Postponing a job only creates anxiety, and when the day of reckoning does arrive (and it always does), you will turn in slipshodwork instead of what you are truly capable of doing. Meanwhile, you will experience unnecessary boredom, fatigue, and worry.” (Pollock, 1993) For me procrastinating does create the anxiety and worry that Pollock describe

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