NRS 437v – My Moral Compass

NRS 437v – My Moral Compass

My nursing ethics coincide very closely to my personal, cultural, and spiritual values. I have what most consider being Christian beliefs and considering myself to be a follower of Christ’s example. When it comes to finding moral guidance, I seek most of answers from the Bible first. I was raised with God being a part of my daily life. Going to church weekly is normal for me. And while God and church is a part of my usual routine, I realize it is not for many others. In all areas of life, I seek to understand others and their views. I understand that our upbringing plays a huge part of what our personal, cultural, and spiritual views. And we all have different families and upbringings. I find diversity vital for maintaining our humanity. I believe there is no room in nursing or my own personal belief as a Christian for judging others and how they live their life. The best way to witness is to live by example and without passing judgment. Culturally, I was raised in a home with both a mother and father with si………………..

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Grand Canyon NRS 437v – My Moral Compass

NRS 437v – My Moral Compass

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