In this paper, choose one book that we’ve read (The Sonnets, Citizen, Codes Appearing, Commons)

In this paper, choose one book that we’ve read (The Sonnets, Citizen, Codes Appearing, Commons), and demonstrate ways in which it both resists and conforms to its respective genre. Makes sure to include a provisional definition of the book’s genre. Then proceed to a carefully analyze specific details of the text. Relationships between ideas, graphemes, spaces, subsections, punctuation, images, and sound are all components of the book that your paper should thoroughly engage. Your grade will correspond to the degree of coherence, detail, originality, and precision of your argument. Length: 4-5 pages Resources: You are only required to draw from your primary text On the first page, own definition(what it means and how we understand it) ex: what the sonnet is and what the sonnets does. The last part of the first paragraph: the Sonnets in parts operates as a sonnet because….but the sonnets also not works as the genre of sonnets because… On the second page, why works as sonnets. On the third page, why is not sonnets. Then write your own impression of this book.

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