Profession Ethical Analysis Paper Custom Essay

Profession Ethical Analysis Paper Custom Essay

In this assignment I need to explore the ethical issues I can expect to face in my chosen profession. I’ve chosen banking as my field of profession. I am a full-time senior client officer for a bank in California. I’ve been in the banking industry for over 9 years, and it is my profession. This paper will be about ethics in banking. Step 1: I need an introduction, which should be close to a half page. (A sample is attached.) Step 2: For all six case studies, I need a separate commentary paragraph or more about why I chose this case study. (Sample commentary and actual case studies are attached.) Step 3: I need a discussion that summarizes my findings in the case studies, interviews, and provides a conclusion. This should be three pages. (I’ve attached two samples, case studies, and interviews.) Essay should be in APA format, and have a cover page.

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