Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help

This course has help me understand a little bit more why people behave or act in their working environment. By learning what is antecedent I could understand why sometimes people does not like to give the extra mile. Also, by getting to know what job engagement and job involvement means the piece of the puzzle of my mind fit and gave me empirically evidence about why we behave in the work-place the way we do. This course is a class that it does not matter the profession that you are should be a required course. We need more people who are eager to make a difference and contribute to society and by giving the tools that we acquired in this course I am a firm believer that we will have great leaders and not bosses. It has been a hard and long journey for me; because personal reasons, but the knowledge that I have acquired it has made the cries, laughter, anxiety, among other feelings I went through the course worth it. I/O is a relative new field in my country but I am acquiring the knowledge to be able to help other into transforming their organization; hopefully starting with the one I am part of it.

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I have learned in life that human beings have attitudes and perception about everything in our everyday lives, from what do we wear, who do we talk, what sports is the best; among other daily decisions. According to Judge and Kammeyer-Mueller (2012) individuals’ behavior in the working environment is predominantly an effect of how individuals feel when they are in the wok-place. Consequently, making logic of how us human beings behave or interact in the working scenario is close related on their attitudes towards the working environment. Something that I learned in previous courses but truly appreciated and my brain make a connection with everything that I have gone through in my professional life is job satisfaction and job attitude being those two elements an important influence on how human beings interact in the work place and behave. It is like we learned in classes Cause and Effect.

In my experience, it does not matter how small or big a detail from administration to employees goes unnoticed. A healthy working environment is essential for success in any organization. By, being able to make employees part of something, make them or show them that they are human and not numbers are vital. For example, the new Secretary of Education in my country has change stereotype and has begun in restructuring the whole department. She has sit down with the community, teachers, directors, maintenace people, in other words with everyone and ask how we can move forward and make a difference in our working place that will benefit also the country. Simply by taking the time of listening, reading, and answering personally our concerns has made us feel that we are part of something big and that we are doing something good by contributing to a social change.


Judge, T. A., & Kammeyer-Mueller, J. D. (2012). Job

attitudes. Annual review of psychology63, 341-367.

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