Research Papers

he subject of the research papers should be about problems related to Health Care in USA and how this problems effect on the society in USA.I have attached the instructions of the research papers. Document Preview:

-4- critiques are due paper is due on Apr. 8, z0l3rwhile the magazine The research professor. Penalty for turning in late is basis or as instructed by the weekly or biweekly grade. percent ofthe five RESEARCH PEPTN (5) least minimum of five typed pages. Use at A research paper is required of a periodicals be no older than three years. Use of references. Books and should five limited to one and it must be a primary source of information. internet sources should be and references, Association Manual format for citations Use American Psychological (12) Your paper should consist of the following major components: using twelve font. A. Introduction -background –purpose B. Literature Review perspective your is a discussion of your on why literature review -the to support your project is important, integrating the work of others internet for undertaking this project. Select books,journals, reasons sources for review. sources, and other credible reference Method C. research was carried out. purpose of this is to describe how the -the (e.g., procedures in your study to collect data Describe the used questionnaires, etc.) interviews, or analysis D. Discussion Conclusion E. References Appendix SAMPLE OF A TITLE PAGE IS ATTACIIED FOR YOUR II{FORMATION,A TIIIS SYLLABUS. THIS MUST BE STRICTLY AT TIIE BACK OF PAPER. WRITING YOUR RESEARCH FOLLOWBD WIIEN

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