SS236 Unit 4 Alabama State and State Senators

SS236 Unit 4 Alabama State and State Senators

Alabama has five cities that I would consider to be major cities for our state. They are Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile, and Gulf Shores. Although Alabama has some urban areas, it mostly consists of rural areas. Alabama consist of many major industries throughout the state. Some of these major industries include auto manufacturing, aerospace and defense, life sciences, steel and chemical manufacturing, forestry, food processing, and tire manufacturing. Alabama is also the home of Gulf Shores which is a major tourist attraction especially in the summer. Alabama is also home to the number one college football team in the nation, the University of Alabama Crimson Tide! Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city is known to be a medical and financial center. It houses famous golf courses, year-round entertainment, major corporations, and world-class dining. These are just a few examples of what Alabama has to offer. I believe that the unique make-up of Alabama can at times influence legislation and/or policy positions. I think that in some cases politicians and the legislators have to look at what the state has to offer and where they can succeed in order to make things happen. A current example would be trying to implement the state lottery in Alabama. This has been a huge dilemma because the state is part of the Bible belt, and considered to be ve…………………

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SS236 Unit 4 Alabama State and State Senators

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